2021 April 20
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Month : 126

- Two faculty members of the University of Maragheh among 70 top prominent researchers. Dr. Bagher Eftekhari Sis and Dr.Ghodrat Mahmoudi, the faculty members of Basic Science Faculty (Chemistry Department). Jan. 02; 2019

- Iran Laboratory Research Association established. Jan. 05; 2019

- The project of the faculty member of UM among twelve Iran-India joint research projects, Dr. Gholamreza Gohari. Jan. 05; 2019

- The 11th “Festival of Harekat” in the University of Maragheh: the Students’ Scientific Accomplishments. Jan. 19; 2019

- The Meeting of professors from Japan and Maragheh on historical monuments of Maragheh. Jan. 30; 2019

- Faculty member of University of Maragheh was selected as a distinguished referee. May. 01; 2019

- The University of Maragheh from Iran becomes a member of the Union of Universities of the Caucasus Region. May. 07; 2019

- Concluding Memorandum on Mutual Cooperation between University of Maragheh and Middle East Polytechnic University. May. 25; 2019

- Concluding a Memorandum of Mutual cooperation between the University of Maragheh and the Catania University of Italy. Jun. 18, 2019